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Napa Guest House Update

June 24, 2011
Napa Guest House Exterior Photo:Eric Rogers

Napa Guest House

Our latest project featuring rammed earth walls is very near done.  Considering the popularity of the rammed earth article, I’ll share some ‘after’ photos. This should be a treat for my readers since these are not on my firm’s website as of this publish date and I don’t think they’ll will be.  This turned out to be an amazing house and credit goes to Eric Rogers for the design work.

Napa Guest House Dining Room Photo:Danny McCarty

Napa Guest House Dining Room

Napa Guest House DiniDining Room Photo:Eric Rogers

Living Room and Dining photo/design:Eric Rogers

Living Room, Dining

Thanks again to Grassi Construction and a tip of the hat to Nicole Hollis for the interiors. [Edit, the links above now lead to my previous firm]

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