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Brant and Tower

About the Blog: Yeah, ok, so the blog has a name you really can’t pronounce. Just go with it. Architecture and Technology is what it’s about, what better name?

About Brant: I’ve won a some competitions, won some awards, but more importantly, I’ve made a lot of clients very happy.  I currently have my own firm called Studio Fetter. I’ve  been working in the field of architecture for about 12 years total, and about 10 years previously in the software development field. I think I’m pretty good at and have fun doing both, however architecture seems to win out. You can find out more about me if you’re on Linked In.  If you would like to learn more about how an architect can help you with your project or you have questions about one of my articles, you’re welcome to give me a ring at 415-745-7117.

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